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Why choose HorecaTouch?

At HorecaTouch, we offer an unparalleled experience for hospitality businesses, and there are numerous reasons why our solutions are the right choice for your establishment:

Unmatched Quality

We set high standards for quality. Proud of our work, we always strive to keep our promises. Our commitment is clear: 'say what we do and do what we say!'

Drive for Your Success

Your success is our motivation. We're always there for you with clear solutions and support that makes a difference. We aim to help you grow with effective services and straightforward communication.

Reliable Support

We understand how crucial it is to get quick assistance, even outside regular office hours. That's why we're always available by phone, even on weekends, for urgent situations.

Continuous Innovation

In a constantly evolving world, our hardware and software expand and optimize daily. This keeps us up-to-date with the latest technologies, enabling us to provide you with the most advanced solutions.

Laatste nieuwsberichten

Ontdek onze laatste functies, nieuwe hardware of gewoon wat interessante nieuwsberichten.

14 Nov 2023

Horeca Expo 2023: Stand 7440

Van 19 tot 22 november zullen wij aanwezig zijn op de Horeca Expo. We nodigen u uit om ons te bezoeken op stand 7440, waar we een voorproefje zullen geven van de nieuwste innovaties op het gebied van kassasystemen en betaaloplossingen. 📲💳

21 Sep 2023

Ontmoet ons op Broodway 2023

Van 24 tot 27 september zullen wij aanwezig zijn op de Bakkersbeurs, hét evenement waar de bruisende wereld van bakkers en ondernemers samenkomt.

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